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Well Hydrofracturing

Get more water from your dry water well today with mountain water well hydrofracturing. Continue »

Remediation Injection Services

High pressure, high capacity injection pumping equipment to help with difficult in-situ remediation problems. Continue »

Environmental Packer Services

Environmental packer services to help in borehole sampling, testing, and containment remediation. Continue »

Borehole Video Camera

Color borehole video camera to answer many questions and provide invaluable information regarding wells. Continue »

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Ray Boyle

Ray Boyle, Hydrogeologist

Ray Boyle obtained a B.S. in Geology from Montana State University and a M.S. in Geology from Colorado State University. For the last 30 years Ray has been involved in hydrofracturing mountain water wells, which has included academic and practical studies to refine the equipment and procedures for hydrofracturing. He is skilled in using inflatable packers for hydrofracturing as well as environmental applications. The cross-over from hydrofracturing to environmental packer applications has been natural due to the similarities in hydraulic and mechanical requirements.

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